About Us

The year was 1940. The Dodgers were still based in Brooklyn and the Gioia family established the Berry Veal Company, named for the street they called home. Over the years of dedication, the Gioia's mastered the arts of skinning, boning, and processing quality veal products that are portion-controlled and hormone-free. 

After three generations, we still like to keep it tradition by hand cutting all of our product to perfection with a team of over 40 Butchers and in-house USDA Inspector over seeing daily production. 

Berry Veal uses free ranges calves. In order for the dairy to produce milk the cow needs to give birth every year. Once the milk starts to flow the cow is put back into the dairy herd for milking. Since they don't need many male calves to inseminate the herd, we use those calves in our process. These free-range calves are never penned in and are allowed to roam free. Their diet is only fresh mothers' milk. We use no artificial ingredients or other fillers. It is a completely natural diet.  

As we reminisce about our humble beginnings and the journey that brought us to where we are today, we take pride in our evolution and commitment to innovation. With our state-of-the-art processing and packaging capabilities, we offer innovative solutions tailored around the continued growth and success of our customers. This allows us to customize programs that meet your specific requirements, ensuring a partnership built on excellence and advancement.

The Gioia Family

Flyers from 1980’s.